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Friday, January 10, 2003
Scoobie Davis has some discussion of the racism of hate radio talker Michael Savage. I was unfortunate enough to find out about Savage several years ago, due to the dubious taste of a car pool partner. I once tried to monitor his show and record his more disgusting comments, but it was simply impossible. Savage is such a stream of hate and filth that I really can't conceive of how anybody can listen to him. I eventually purchased a Walkman and headphones primarily to guarantee that I would no longer be subjected to his aural sewage. But before I picked the Walkman up, I heard enough on the show to be aware that Scoobie's references are comparably mild stuff. Here is some more of the wisdom of Michael Savage (anything not accompanied by a link is a statement I actually heard while listening to the show):

  • He advocated dealing with immigration by having the Army cordon off poor neighborhoods, then search them house to house to find all undocumented Hispanics.

  • He referred to Hispanics who sued a restaurant that allegedly made them wait for a table while seating whites who arrived after them as 'animals'.

  • He stated that Chinese immigrants keep secret weapons stashes across the country and are waiting for orders from Beijing to simultaneously get the weapons and start shooting whites. He repeated the same story the following day, speaking in the first person using a 'Charlie Chan' style Chinese accent.

  • He told a caller to 'take the Constitution and stuff it up your ass.'

  • He stated that when he used the term 'American', he was referring to conservative white Christians. Others are not Americans.

  • He stated that American soldiers killed in WWII 'died for nothing'.

  • He has said that women shouldn't be permitted to vote because 'Their hormones rage; they are too emotional.'

  • In one of the few incidents to actually draw public attention, he described female High School student who volunteered to assist homeless people as 'fresh white nookie' and stated that they were volunteering for the 'thrill and possibility they'll be raped in a dumpster'.

  • He said that the 'liberal media' was covering up the fact that James Byrd, the black Texan who was murdered and then dragged behind a truck, was a coke dealer, and his murder was an attempted sale gone bad.

  • This isn't the only instance where this 'conservative' has endorsed or virtually endorsed violence against disfavored groups. He labeled the victims of this notorious rape and attempted murder as 'sluts' because they were kidnapped from a known make out spot that they had gone to with their boyfriends.

  • When a gay High School student was beaten and had the word 'fag' carved into his stomach and arms, Savage responded, 'When a sissy in Novato gets a fat lip, the media treats it like it's World War III.'

Of course we know that the Republican Party and the Conservative movement despise this type of bigotry and no self-respecting mainstream Republican or conservative activist would agree to appear on an extremist show like this. Here are some of the guests Savage has had in the past few years, from the list on his web site: Steve Allen, Bob Barr, Ward Connerly, Jerry Fallwell, Newt Gingrich, John McCain, Bill O'Reilly, Camille Paglia, Edward Teller, Jeffrey Toobin, Caspar Weinberger. Guests scheduled to appear within the next month include Roger Clegg (NRO Contributing Editor), R. Emmett Tyrrell, Rich Galen, Michelle Malkin, Linda Chavez, David Frum, and Phyllis Schlafly.